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Cut Chemist – The Audience’s Listening (CD) (2006) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2006, Cut Chemist , , , 15.07.2016

The Audience's Listening

Cut Chemist’s first non-mix full-length CD has been long awaited by the legions of turntable nuts and hip-hop fans who think he’s DJ Shadow’s heir apparent, and while it’s not the mind-blower that Brainfreeze or Live at Future Primitive Sound Session are, it is a well-crafted, highly enjoyable effort that overcomes the “all samples cleared” challenge all big-label turntablist albums must face. Chemist’s diverse background — having worked with or been a member of Ozomatli, Jurassic 5, Unity Committee, and Less Than Jake — pays off on this incredibly diverse album that tempers scratch-heavy feats of skill — the robot-obsessed “(My 1st) Big Break” and the crazy “Spat,” which finds a Laurie Anderson sample exchanging pleasantries with Jamaicans and records from the ’50s — with more musical numbers that offer plenty of substance once the “wow” factor has played itself out. Best of the latter is the luscious, Astrud Gilberto-borrowing “Garden,” which falls somewhere between Zero 7 and Bill Laswell’s worldbeat mashing. Perfect for cool backpackers, “What’s the Attitude,” with rapper Hymnal, has that catchy hook you can sing, while “Storm,” with Edan and Mr. Lif, gloriously rips through the speakers with William S. Burroughs, ’80s electro, and underground lyrics kicking it in perfect harmony. Add “Spoon” and the closing “Theme,” and you’ve got the tracks that warrant repeat listens for everybody, but the rest of the herky-jerky mayhem and clever, often humorous manipulation is more for the Chemist/DJ Shadow/Steinski devotee who will sit back and marvel at Chemist’s skill. Necessary if you like that wikki-wikki-scratch; recommended if you enjoy impossible pop and hip-hop from the fringe.


01. Motivational Speaker
02. (My 1st) Big Break
03. The Lift
04. The Garden
05. Spat
06. What’s The Altitude (feat. Hymnal)
07. Metrorail Thru Space
08. Storm (feat. Edan & Mr. Lif)
09. 2266 Cambridge (feat. Thes One)
10. Spoon
11. A Peak In Time
12. The Audience Is Listening Theme Song


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320 kbps – Datafile

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