Nolan The Ninja – He(art) (2016) (320 kbps)

Nolan The Ninja - He(art)

Ultimately, the idea of ‘he[art].’ is to inspire & pay it forward. I was once that guy trying to find a way to make my music work. And even though I’ve been faced with rejection plenty of times, I never gave up & continued to follow my heart. I never sold myself short because I knew the music that I was making would gain attention anyway. Last year around this time, I didn’t have a deal of any sort but I told myself that I would make that happen & I did! Now, I’m proud to say that I’m apart of DJ Soko’s imprint Left Of Center, connecting with Fat Beats & continuing to fulfill my dream(s). This album is for anybody feeling discouraged about being themselves. Fuck the hype! DO YOU!


01. Opulence
02. Immortality
03. Dianetics
04. Deploi feat. Phat Kat
05. Abyss feat. Red Pill (of Ugly Heroes)
06. Epitome feat. MAHD, L.A.Z (of Clear Soul Forces) & Supa Emcee
07. Pennie$ (Prelude)
08. Pennie$
09. Integrity feat. Guilty Simpson
10. Ecology feat. A-Minus
11. He(art)
12. Amour
13. 40 Acres feat. Noveliss (of Clear Soul Forces)
14. Reel Shit feat. Finale
15. Potency
16. Coda feat. DJ Soko


320 kbps – Datafile

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