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The Quartertones – Hidden In Plain Sight (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2005, Canada, The Quartertones , , 19.07.2016

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Quartertones’ debut album reveals a sophisticated intertwining of organic hip-hop beats with heavy Jazz guitar and bass – accentuated by sultry Jazz and Pop vocals and guest rhymesayers. Developing as a live experiment in merging new and classic Urban sounds, The Quartertones emerged from the depths of Toronto’s underground Hip-Hop scene as the city’s original freestyle Hip-Hop Funk band. A year in the making, and some tracks dating as far back as 1998, The Quartertones are proud to present their debut CD Hidden In Plain Sight. Starting as a Jazz band in 1996, The Quartertones became Toronto’s live answer to freestyle/open mic nights occupying several underground Hip-Hop hot spots around the city. By adding critically acclaimed producer, DJ Serious and veteran Hip-Hop producer/emcee Planet Pea, Tai Ara (aka Jimmy Green, guitar), Kori Ayukawa (aka C5K0, bass) and Katherine Bates (aka Ms. Bates) developed a unique Jazz aesthetic matching the Hip-Hop beat brought forth by Serious and Pea. The ensuing creation cleverly blends Funk, Hip-Hop and Jazz.
Hidden In Plain Sight refers to The Quartertones proximity to their audience and how they have become somewhat ‘blurred’ in the eyes of the public. Like the tree outside a house you pass everyday, things gets lost in the bustle of daily activity. Hidden In Plain Sight is an aural statement that the band cannot be concealed any longer. Strong composition, blazing solos and unwavering focus on sound and mood make this album solid from start to .nish. From the Trip-Hop ambience of Purple (Lifted), to the ferocious energy of Caffeine, this expert mix of Hip-Hop/Soul vocals and instrumental Jazz/Funk will satisfy the most demanding music connoisseur.


01 1998…
02 Una Mas
03 Warmer
04 Here Comes the Fuzz (remix)
05 Casablanca
06 Purple (Lifted)
07 1998-2004
08 Hands UP
09 Mr. GB (Live)
10 Caffeine
11 Bite into It
12 2004…
13 The Drop


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