BluntOne – Orbiting Rawbits (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

BluntOne - Orbiting Rawbits

The Hungarian beatmaker, BluntOne loaded the rockets with spacy samples and chest kicking drums and fired us out to an extraterrestrial journey with his new album, Orbiting Rawbits.


01. Intrawduction
02. Real Hip Hop feat. Jmega the God
03. Machinegun Rap feat. Awon
04. Don’t Criticise feat. Peebs the Prophet
05. Muladhara feat. Teknical Development
06. Coastin’ feat. Moka Only
07. Let ’em In feat. Tableek
08. Ido feat. Dlo & Ist1
09. Lakhahу feat. Tink & Phlat
10. Koertnc
11. Towelie feat. Mista Classic
12. Horizont feat. Kids of the Stoned Age & Diggedy
13. 2allheadz feat. Natural Spittaz
14. C’est nous, contre le reste feat. La Base


320 kbps – Datafile

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