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Funky DL – The Jazz Lounge (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

2016, Funky DL, UK , 07.08.2016

Funky DL - The Jazz Lounge

Back on his modus operandi of Jazz infested flavours, Funky DL treats his fans with his new release “The Jazz Lounge”, an album of fresh remixes of some of his beloved classics.


01. But That’s Not Me (Jazz Lounge Remix)
02. You Know Me (Jazz Lounge Remix)
03. Le Jazz Courant Noir (Jazz Lounge Remix)
04. Out Of Touch (Jazz Lounge Remix)
05. Star Signs feat. Lei-an (Jazz Lounge Remix)
06. Ode To Nujabes (Jazz Lounge Remix)
07. So Sexy (Jazz Lounge Remix)
08. I’m A Beast (Jazz Lounge Remix)
09. Back Around The Old School (Jazz Lounge Remix)
10. No Time For Looking Back (Jazz Lounge Remix)
11. Cut From The Illest (Jazz Lounge Remix)
12. Wealthy feat. Lei-an (Jazz Lounge Remix)
13. The Morning (Jazz Lounge Remix)
14. That’s Love (Jazz Lounge Remix)
15. Blazing A 55 (Instrumental)
16. I Love… (Jazz Lounge Remix)
17. Scratchin’ My Head (Jazz Lounge Remix)


320 kbps – Datafile

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