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Jakki Tha Motamouth – God Vs. Satan (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2005, Jakki Da Motamouth , , 29.08.2016

Jakki Tha Motamouth - God Vs. Satan

Jakki Rubin, better known by his stage name Jakki da Motamouth, is an American rapper from Columbus, Ohio. He is a member of MHz Legacy. He was part of the group The Weathermen. Originally released in 2004, his first solo album, God vs. Satan, was re-released in 2005.

A reissue of Jakki da Motamouth’s 2004 debut, the 28-track God vs. Satan feels hugely overstuffed. It’s four and a half minutes into the album, following an a cappella statement of intent and the first of 12 between-song skits setting up the album’s main premise, before the first actual song starts; that song, “Radiofriendly,” turns out to be a minimalist blend of seemingly freestyle rhymes over a bass-synth pulse and a deliberately tinny, crackly string sample that would be great at two minutes long but drags horribly at twice that. That’s the way the album goes throughout: Jakki da Motamouth has a flow that’s just about good enough to back up all but his most outlandish boasts, but he seems to be in dire need of an editor, both to separate out the bad ideas and to shape and guide the good ones. With about a third to a half of the more repetitive material excised (which wouldn’t include all of the skits, which for once are an interesting, integral part to the album’s flow), God vs. Satan would be twice as powerful as it is.


01 The Underground Address
02 The Wager (skit)
03 Radiofriendly
04 Satan The Thief (skit)
05 Cleptobrainiac (prod. DJ PRZM)
06 Thief Results (skit)
07 Stage Fright (prod. Copywrite)
08 Mind Games (skit)
09 All Aboard (skit)
10 The Abduction (prod. Camu Tao)
11 Surprise (skit)
12 Break With Ease (feat. Copywrite)
13 Mans Weakness
14 Broken
15 Angel’s Weakness (skit)
16 Relax
17 Bad News
18 Positive Rap
19 Satan The Cheater (skit)
20 We Just Don’t Care (feat. Camu Tao)
21 Take Him To Ma World (skit)
22 The Tunnel
23 God The Cheater
24 Wha’s Fuckin With This (prod. RJD2)
25 Raw (prod. DJ PRZM)
26 Take Your Peeps (skit)
27 Left (prod. Copywrite)
28 One More Scenario (skit) / Bonus Track


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320 kbps – Datafile

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