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King Cesar – All The King’s Men (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

2016, Monsta Island Czars , 15.08.2016

King Cesar - All The King's Men

All the kings men is the first full length album from Monsta Island Czars member King Cesar. Most of the monstas and than some show up here to take care of the vocal duittes.


01. King Cesar Intro
02. Call Him Ceaz
03. Bloody Knuckles feat. Kamackeris, Kong & Spiga
04. Azumi Legend
05. Nonstop feat. Spiga
06. Biscuit Mentality feat. M.I.C., Gabarah & Jaiquan
07. Bam!
08. The Beast feat. Spiga & Kong
09. Crowd Around feat. Roman
10. Crushin’ Satelites feat. Gabarah
11. Sink or Swim feat. Kong, Kamackeris, 5th Element & Spiga
12. The Prophecy feat. Monster X
13. I Want In feat. Kong & Spiga
14. Die feat. Megaton, Egyptian Queen, Spiga, Loch Ness, Kong & Kamackeris
15. King Cesar Outro


320 kbps – Datafile

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