Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – Dust To Dust (CD) (1993) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

M.F. DiBella @ allmusic: ”The breakup of 3rd Bass proved ill-fated for perhaps the more talented member, Pete Nice, and the group’s DJ/producer Daddy Rich. While MC Serch made a little noise with his solo effort, Return of the Product, and went on to become a record label executive, Pete Nice’s solo record flopped unceremoniously. Sounding somewhat confused and less confident without the aid of his more charismatic former partner, Pete Nice’s erudite degenerate persona got lost in the cloudy mess of production on Dust to Dust. Despite some inventive samples from the likes of the Velvet Underground, Iron Butterfly, and Albert King and offbeat humor reminiscent of Derelicts of Dialect, the album is without a sonic pulse. Even most of the ill-beat craftsmen the Beatnuts’ tracks are imperfect and muddled. The only marginal hit, “Kick the Bobo,” featured some memorable rhymes, including “never steer you wrong/beats fatter than the fat kid from P.M Dawn,” but vanished from the rap charts soon after its release. The Beatnuts-produced “Outta My Way Baby” is also worthy of note.”

01 Rat Bastard
02 The Sleeper
03 Kick The Bobo
04 Verbal Massage
05 The Lumberjack
06 Pass The Pickle
07 The Rapsody (In J Minor)
08 Ho
09 Outta My Way Baby
10 3 Blind Mice” (feat. Kurious Jorge & Benz)
11 The World According To Hubert Dover
12 Rich bring’em Back (feat. Cage Kennylz)
13 Blowin’ Smoke
14 Double Duty Got Dicked
15 Dust To Dust
16 Verbal Massage (Part 2)

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