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The PreC.I.S.E. MC – PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


Luther Campbell may have been known as the pioneer of Miami bass music, but his record label has released a wide range of hip hop artists. The label released albums from rappers such as the Poison Clan, Afro-Rican, M.C. Shy D and Anquette- just to name a few. However, the label biggest surprise is their signings of New York acts- an unusual feat for a Southern based hip hop label. In the early 90’s when Luke Records secured a distribution deal with Atlantic Records, they released an album from the newly solo Public Enemy member Professor Griff. Another East Coast rapper signed to the label was eighteen year old female rapper The PreC.I.S.E. MC- a New York City native. She was encouraged to rap by her older brother after doing it for fun. She signed with Luke Records in 1990 to release her debut album “PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done”. Her debut is pretty much a hip hop album that treads the fine line between commercial appeal and boom bap styles. Musically, she could be seen as the female equivalent to fellow teenaged rapper Special Ed. It’s rather fitting, as she cites him as a clear influence in her sound.

Two songs on her album were produced by future Da King & I member Roderick “Majesty” Wiggins- the opening track “Encore” as well as “B.A.S.S.”. Also on the album are the ode to being rushed “Slow Down (My Brother)” and the song about the wrongfully convicted “For The Brothers”, both of which were produced by Spencer Bellamy (Later known for the Sauce Money and Jay-Z duet “Pre-Game”). She collaborates with with Superlover Cee on the song “So You Think You Got ‘Em Locked”- a response to the latter’s song “Girls I Got ‘Em Locked”. The PreC.I.S.E. MC would not record another album, but she would make her final recorded appearance on Luther Vandross’ lone Virgin album “I Know” on his cover of Aretha Franklin’s song “Get It Right”. Since then, she would reemerge as a songwriter affiliated with Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature, co-writing Jahiem’s 2010 hit “Ain’t Leaving Without You”. “PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done” was one of those forgotten hip hop albums of the early 90’s. While she didn’t achieve success, The PreC.I.S.E. MC’s lone album is actually a decent freshman outing. /Perverted Alchemist @ Amazon/

Encore 3:49
Don’t Even 4:36
All Night Thang 4:05
I Can Do It 3:50
Shall I Go On 4:14
Slowdown (My Brother) 4:27
B.A.S.S. 4:19
For The Brothers 2:50
So You Think You Got ‘Em Locked 3:47
Pre-Style 3:15

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MP3 320
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