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Top Choice Clique – Reel Chemistry: The Anthology 1987-1995 (2008) (2CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2008, Top Choice Clique , , 27.08.2016

Top Choice Clique (Jawn P., MC/DJ Force and DJ Gemini) played an integral part in building the late 80s/ early 90s Boston Hip Hop Scene before other people like Edo.G and The Almighty RSO came along and finished the job. They had released a first EP in 1988 called ‘The Powers In The Words’, but it was the following year when they garnered praise for their most well know single “Peace of Mind”. For that hit the group was signed to A&M Records and recorded some tracks for movies like “City Of Hope” and Mario Van Peebles’ “Posse”, but the album they recorded was never released, and the trio was dropped. In 2008 a two-disc album called ‘Reel Chemistry: The Anthology’ was released, which contains that same shelved album plus a second disc with the group’s best recordings and some other previously-unreleased material.

Disc 1
1.1 Poor Man’s Pride
1.2 Eye Of The Cyclone
1.3 Reel Chemistry
1.4 Sing A Hymn
1.5 Scripture 93
1.6 Perils Of Punishment
1.7 The Mic Is A Tool
1.8 Survival
1.9 Alright
1.10 Outside In
1.11 Killing Me Softly
1.12 The Highlander
1.13 Troubled Kid
1.14 Ppr (Slow Flow)
Disc 2
2.1 On Air Mockery
2.2 Peace Of Mind
2.3 On Air Show And Prove
2.4 You Can’t Deal
2.5 I’ll Do The Honors
2.6 No One Like Me
2.7 Royal Gatherings
2.8 Supreme Jam II
2.9 The Mellow Side
2.10 Taking All You Got To Give
2.11 Lyrical Onslaught
2.12 Givers Of The Scripture
2.13 Made For Love
2.14 My Conscience Speaks To Me
2.15 Peace Of Mind (Instrumental)
2.16 You Can’t Deal (Scratchapella)
2.17 Future Day Relic (Unlisted) Featuring – Esoteric

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