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Bomb The Bass – Into The Dragon (1988) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1988, Bomb The Bass, UK , , , 16.10.2016


Keith Farley@allmusic: ”Though Simenon’s breakout hit “Beat Dis” isn’t quite as frenetic as contemporary material by Coldcut (or even M/A/R/R/S), the debut Bomb the Bass LP is an intriguing trip through sampledelic hip-hop, electro, acid-house, and even dance-pop (as on his other hits, “Don’t Make Me Wait” and the Burt Bacharach cover “Say a Little Prayer”). Much of the album mines territory similar to “Beat Dis” — that is, inventive hip-hop tracks like “On the Cut,” “Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13),” and “Dynamite Beats” which are somewhat indebted to Mantronix.”

1 Beat Dis (U.S. 7″ Mix) 3:42
2 Megablast Rap (Version) 6:50
3 On The Cut 3:52
4 Don’t Make Me Wait 4:17
5 Dynamite Beats 1:45
6 Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13) 3:54
7 Hey You! 3:22
8 Shake It 5:10
9 Say A Little Prayer 5:26
10 Beat Dat (Freestyle Scratch Mix) 3:44

MP3 320

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