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Youngblood Brass Band – Unlearn (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2000, Youngblood Brass Band , , 30.10.2016


The Youngblood Brass Band combines the inspiration they took from the traditional New Orleans brass band sound with influences from jazz music, improvised music, a decidedly punk ethos, and a strong hip hop component. More than many New Orleans groups, the Youngblood band focuses on tight ensemble playing and pushing the boundaries of brass band music beyond its traditional genre, which allows them, even when performing live, to provide solid, diverse backing for Skogen’s rapping and McIntosh’s virtuosic sousaphone work. Unable to be classified as either jazz, hip-hop, punk or any other existing genre, the band coined the term Riot Jazz. The band acknowledge the debt their music owes to the New Orleans bands, however, with performances of traditional tunes such as “Chinatown, My Chinatown”, which they included on their Unlearn album.


01. “Bloodshot”
02. “Acousticon Theme”
03. “Human Nature”
04. “Something” featuring Ike Willis
05. “Da Bomba”
06. “The Warrior Comes Out to Play”
07. “Pastime Paradise”
08. “Peace”
09. “The Trilogy Vs. DJ Skooly”
10. “From Now On”
11. “Y’all Stay Up” featuring Talib Kweli
12. “It’s All Over”
13. “Chinatown”


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