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9-Milla – Puttin In Wizzurk (WEB) (2002) (320 kbps)

2002, 9-Milla , , 25.11.2016


Tulsa, OK.


01 Intro
02 Milla (ft. Syke-D)
03 Keep It Gangsta (ft. Lil’ Snipe, Tay)
04 Shake It Shorty (ft. Champ ‘Da Hillbilly)
05 Puttin’ In Wizzurk
06 Feel Like Im’a Die Soon (ft. G-Money, Kyao)
07 Where Dem Dollarz At?(ft. Baby Gurl, Champ ‘Da Hillbilly, Slink Capone)
08 Represent (ft. Mouthpeice, Tay)
09 Chicken Head (ft. Lil’ Snipe, Pak-Man)
10 Ride N’ Slow (ft. Big John)
11 Ugly
12 Not Too Many More (Real Onez) (ft. Demarion)
13 Bomb, Bomb, Bomb (ft. Mouthpeice)
14 Momma (ft. Big John, Lucky Luchiano, Pak-Man)
15 When In-Capp Comez Thru (ft. Critical)
16 If U Want 2 (ft. Big Juice, Lil’ Snipe)
17 Cut Ya Pro (ft. Kyao, Pak-Man, Reese)
18 Back 4 Mo’ (ft. Demarion, Pak-Man)


320 kbps – Datafile

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