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24K – Words…..Yet Unspoken (CD) (1992) (320 kbps)

1992, 24K, Netherlands 04.12.2016


Dutch Hip-Hop group from Eindhoven that started in 1989. As no label wanted to sign them, Miss Djax created her own label Djax Records to release the first album for 24K in 1990. In 1991 Arc S and Zar One leave the group and rapper CMC joins the other two members. After recording one more album the group breaks up in 1992.

Thanks to Ernesto!


01 Public Knowledge
02 Deep Into My Thoughts
03 Global Destruction
04 Brothers
05 Da Funky K
06 Big Man
07 Reggae Revolution
08 Try 2 Swing 2 Dis
09 I Ain’t Havin’ It (Stop Racism)
10 Nigga (What Cha Call Me?)
11 That’s Da Way It Is
12 Frontin’ On My Demo
13 Different Shades Of Black
14 A.I.D.S. (Always In Deep Shit)


320 kbps – Datafile

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