AbSouljah – RealCore EP (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

Posted: 03.12.2016


Difficult times for the common man/woman these days. We’re trapped in a time where love is minimal, if any is actually present. This is a time where our political leaders have become bullies, oppressors, among other things. Furthermore, allowing the people to be bullied, oppressed, tormented, and degraded. The question is… where are the voices?

Our voices are busy speaking on frivolous matters; meaningless rhetoric that often becomes the blanket used to cover actual struggles of the “average” person. The same “average” people that believe in the government and all that it supposedly represents. The same average people that work everyday to make life easier for the other average people. Those average people are the mistreated and deceived, but RealCore speaks on their behalf.

RealCore presents a new voice delivering life exact. Basing music on legitimacy, validity and actuality. RealCore is life.


01. Wake Your Thoughts
02. Life
03. Normally
04. The World is Yours
05. Trapped In
06. Always United
07. Gone In It


320 kbps – Florenfile

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