Benzino – Arch Nemesis (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 30.01.2017


01. Intro
02. It’s Nothin’
03. On My Mind (feat. The Untouchables)
04. Bottles & Up (Thug Da Club)
05. U Can’t Handle It
06. Numb (skit)
07. Look Into My Eyes (Response to Eminem’s Toy Soldiers) (feat. Troy Bell)
08. News Flash (skit)
09. Arch Nemesis (Wish a Nigga Would)
10. What’s Really Good (feat. Scarface & Young Hardy)
11. Wide Body (feat. Faheim)
12. Dat’s How It Goes (feat. Gambino, Lil’ Jon & Young Hardy)
13. 2Pac (Intro)
14. Trying to Make It Through (feat. 2Pac & Freddie Foxx)
15. Ride (skit)
16. Front Back (Side to Side) (feat. Huddy 6 & Young L.O.)
17. Sorry (skit)
18. Not Me (feat. Miss Lilli)
19. Noche De Estrellas (feat. Ekko, Mackie & Yaga)
20. Diamond Girl
21. JB Floatin’ (skit)
22. World Famous (feat. 3 Down)
23. Killa (feat. The Untouchables)
24. Last Days Calling


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