Black Radical MKII – Khaos & Konfusion (The Spell Of Leviathan) (1998) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 17.11.2016


Black Radical Mk II (born Felix Joseph 1971) is a British hip hop artist from Tottenham, London, England. He was one of the pioneers of the British scene, releasing his first single in 1987 and continuing to release records until 1998. He is most well known for his strident political views, which he often used as the basis for his records.

1 Unplugged & Unleashed
2 God Talk [Featuring] – Jaki
3 It’s Coming Down [Featuring] – DJ Cel
4 Call Da Police
5 2000’s Black
6 The Mission [Featuring] – 7T, E, K.I.D
7 Fall Down [Featuring] – DJ Cel
8 Mau Mau [Featuring] – Black Samurai, Blacktip, D.A.N.King
9 The Last Knock [Featuring] – Peter Issacs
10 Battle Of The Minds
11 Dreadlox
12 The Return Of The Hardstepz [Featuring] – Peter Issacs
13 Da Nam
14 My Jigga [Featuring] – MCD
15 Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers
16 Afrikan Rise [Featuring] – Neferteri

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  • @djqs read:

    Nice to see this one turn up in FLAC. Any sign of upgrades of all the other Black Radical stuff posted way back on this blog? Would be great. Cheers & respect.

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