Blade – Blade LGFSTS Mix (2007) (320 kbps)

Posted: 10.01.2013

01 Track 1
02 Track 2
03 Track 3
04 Track 4

A message from the mix maker, J-Blaze:

“Thanks for listening to this mix I did in 2007, its a mix of Blade’s LP “The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength” (1993).
It was recorded onto tape in one take, on two 1210’s, a mixer and a JVC stereo.
Oh, and run through a Viscount effects box to clean the sound up. Then the tape was transferred to .mp3 via Audacity.
No digital vinyl, serato, traktor or whatever.

I managed to talk to Blade himself about this mix, and to get his permission to press some CD’s up to distribute,
but I never got round to it and forgot all about it.

The reason I done the mix in the first place was so I could listen to the whole LP on my .mp3 player or in the car, away from the bedroom studio.

Thanks to Blade for being cool and Raler for the inspiration.

Please buy Blade’s LP’s and CD’s, and visit for all your CD burning needs.


J-Blaze, July 2010.”

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