Bomb The Bass – Clear (UK Edition) (1995) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 16.10.2016
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Thomas Erlewine@allmusic: ”Though Bomb the Bass’ third album, Clear, was originally a scattershot, kinetic dance record, Tim Simenon restructured the record for its American release. The American version of Clear demonstrates a distinct trip-hop, techno, jazz, and dub influence, as well as the literary lyical pretentions that were present on the original English release. Simenon created a subdued, multi-layered album, where instruments float in and out of the mix over a deep, laidback groove. All of the rappers on the record are guest stars, including Sinead O’Connor and Justin Warfield. Although their contributions are impressive, the true star of the album is Simenon, who has made an album that proves he isn’t stuck in the late-’80s house/techno rut and can compete with ’90s artists like Tricky and Portishead. Still, the album highlight comes with a La Funk Mob reworking.”

This is an UK edition of this album. Im sure I had the US edition on CD somewhere, so it might get dropped soon if I will be able to find it.

01. Bug Powder Dust – (04:18)
02. Sleepyhead – (03:59)
03. One To One Religion – (04:16)
04. Dark Heart – (06:48)
05. If You Reach The Border – (03:54)
06. Brain Dead – (05:34)
07. 5Ml. Barrel – (05:02)
08. Somewhere – (05:04)
09. Sandcastles – (04:34)
10. Tidal Wave – (04:08)
11. Empire – (05:52)

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