C.L. Smooth – The Outsider (CD) (2007) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 21.10.2016



01. Intro…All We Ever Know
02. I Need A Boss (Remix)
03. No Justice
04. Impossible (J. Period Remix)
05. I Gotta Love (Live! In Holland)
06. Down With The Kings (Live! In Holland)
07. Warm Outside (Drawzilla Remix)
08. Gorilla Pimpin’
09. Is It Really You?
10. The Outsider
11. Get Back
12. Straighten It Out (Live! In Holland)
13. Love Is A Battlefield
14. War Of The Roses (feat. Butter Verses)
15. Smoke In The Air (Live! In Holland)
16. Who You Gonna Trust?
17. Mezmorized (feat. J.R. Writer & Scales) (B Rock Remix)
18. Heaven Only Know (John Legend Remix)
19. American Gangster (feat. SJ & Young Bred)
20. American Me (Live! In Holland)
21. T.R.O.Y. (Live! In Holland)
22. DJ Shakim (Outro)


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