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U-Fam – The War On Hip Hop (2007) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2007, U-Fam , , 11.01.2017

There is definitely a war against Hip-Hop. Politicians hate the messages that this brand of urban music promotes, while (to be fair) they’re extremely ignorant about the art form. There are an abundance of soldiers on the frontline that wish to protect the music that is important to them, like U-Fam, consisting of indie emcees; Insight, Cloke N’ Dagha, Prime Suspects, Blak Madeen, Powerz Boof, Sham Ra, among others. “The War On Hip-Hop” is one of those releases where you realize somewhere along the line that they are serious about the love of music and that they care about their stature in the community.

“Malcolm Speaks” embodies the spirit of the album as it presents a politically charged image. The song exemplifies true school Hip-Hop music, which embraces the African American roots of rap. The 1st official beat has an epic sound to it, but is really strengthened by a sample of Malcolm himself, rather emphatically speaking, “We want peace, we want justice, we want we respect, we want to carry ourselves with dignity…” Clearly, The Prime Suspects who headline this track take the great black leader’s words to heart. Al-Jabra raps the first bar which sets the tone of the album when he spits, “I question Bob Marley’s death and Marcus Garvey’s arrest.” The questioning of these matters was similarly, and rather ironically, brought to light on Cassidy’s “The Message”. That is what history is really about, though, because if it is written by the ‘winners’, then there must be completely different stories out there from those who are demoralized by them. The song culminates with several children profoundly stating “I’m Malcolm X!”, as there is obviously a strong afro-centric connectivity to the strength of his words.

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