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Mirage – Rock 2 This (199x) (CD EP) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

199x, Mirage, Netherlands, No Date , , 12.09.2016

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Yusef Afloat – Full Revolution Music (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, The Nonce, Yusef Afloat 17.06.2015

A very very very very rare LP by Yusef Afloat from West Coast Hip Hop group The Nonce. You can’t even find this shit on Discogs.
If Jazzy Hip Hop is your shit, you, especially my fellow contributors, should have this.
Mad props to Jack Devo from Beetbak for sharing the gem. One Love.
R.I.P. Yusef Afloat.
P.S.: if you know the release date or the names of these songs, please let us know. Peace.

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E.S.P (Educated Street Poets) – Demo Tape (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Educated Street Poets, Tha Alkaholiks 14.05.2015
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M. Slash – Look (CD) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, M. Slash 11.11.2014


Thanks to Extrez!

Release year is unknown.

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Mase, The Lox & DMX / Mase, Big L & McGruff ‎– Niggars Done Started Something / Uptown Connection (VLS) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Big L, DMX, Mase, McGruff, The LOX 15.05.2014


Unofficial Release.

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O.F.T.B. – Demo Tape (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, O.F.T.B. , , , , 07.04.2014

Rare demo from Cali. It’s near the ’91-’92.

Props to 2psah!

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The Troubleneck Brothers – Demo Tracks (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, The Troubleneck Brothers 01.01.2014

It’s time to bring you some Troubleneck Brothers demo tracks I never heard of. 3 tracks that weren’t on their Fuck All Yall vinyl and on web unofficial trackography which was floating around. Enjoy!

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Nubian Crackers – Cracker Beats Vol. 8 (Vinyl) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Nubian Crackers 06.10.2013

Phat Side
A1 Playah Soul
A2 Step Up Front
A3 Pump Me Up
A4 At The Hip Hop
A5 Chicken Head
Fatt Side
B1 Old School Girl Crush
B2 Methical Blow
B3 Just One Of Those Things
B4 N.C. Express
B5 Down-Low


Props to Step One!

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Heather B. – 100 Heads (VLS) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Heather B 28.09.2013

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Mixmaster Mike – Zektar Block One (Cassette) (199x) (256 kbps)

199x, Mixmaster Mike 06.09.2013
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Black Anger – Damn Da Demo (160 kbps)

199x, Black Anger, No Date 31.08.2013

01 Divide And Conquer
02 Nigga Stick
03 Nigga Stick (Remix)
04 Sip The Juice
05 Wicked

Extremely rare and equally as dope, this is the legendary Black Anger Movement’s “Damn Da Demo” tape.
Apparently only around 10 copies were produced of this, and I have no idea what year it dropped but from the
sound of it I’d guess it was prior to their “Maxed Out Singles” record from ’97. Five tracks deep (4 tracks plus a remix).



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Extra Prolific ‎– Missing Link (199x) (192 kbps)

199x, Extra Prolific 24.08.2013

Btw heres some intelligence from discogs page: ”The EP contains never-heard-before tracks from Extra Prolific. No titles, no credits, only the name of the EP is known. I’m assuming it could be made in the late nineties since he already calls himself Lee Majors on one or two songs but the appearance of Pep Love may also assume that it was made when Snupe was still part of the Hiero crew

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Public Enemy – Power Assault Live!…In The Belly Of The BEAST (199x, CD, 320)

199x, Public Enemy 15.08.2013
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King Sun – Mr. Policeman (199x, Demo Tape, VBR)

199x, Jazzy Jay, King Sun 07.08.2013

1. Mr. Policeman (Prod. by Jazzy Jay)
2. Mr. Policeman (Prod. by Jazzy Jay) (Instrumental)


Eyo, i got this from Philaflava forum from a guy named Nobs few years ago. This is dope, real dope. U should check it outs!

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Numskullz – G.A.P. Town Recordings E.P. (199x) (EP) (VBR)

199x, Numskullz, UK 14.07.2013

A2-slick talkin’
A4-taking aim
B1-slick talkin {instrumental}
B2-decapitators (instrumental)
B3-taking aim (instrumental)


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A.T.C. ‎– Back At It (VLS) (199x) (192 kbps)

199x, A.T.C 13.07.2013
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Outlaw Posse ‎– Resurrection EP (199x, VLS, VBR)

199x, Brothers Like Outlaw, Outlaw, Outlaw Posse, UK 07.07.2013

A1 Listen (Vocal Version)
A2 So Good (Basement Mix)
A3 Dey Don’t Know (Vocal Version)
B1 Listen (K.G. Mix)
B2 Listen (Instrumental)
B3 So Good (Instrumental)
B4 Dey Don’t Know (Instrumental)


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Party Rockers – Coffee Breaks (VLS) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Party Rockers 03.05.2013
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Freddie Foxxx – Don’t Fuck With A Killa (Cass) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Freddie Foxxx 29.04.2013
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KRS-One – The MC / Throwdown (VLS) (199x) (320 kbps)

199x, Cold Crush Brothers, KRS-One 08.02.2013
A The MC
B Throwdown (feat. The Cold Crush Brothers)
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