Crazy – Us Killin’ Us (CD) (2004) (320 kbps)

Posted: 16.10.2016

Crazy is a rapper from New Orleans. He was aso a part of two famous groups: 504 Boyz and Murder Inc.


1. Intro
2. Us Killin Us (feat. Ed West)
3. On the Block
4. Choppa Don’t Fail Me
5. Good to Me
6. Henessey and Weed
7. After Life (feat. Ed West)
8. Shorty
9. It’s All I See (feat. Silky)
10. Hustle With Me
11. Why You Had to Bust Me
12. Boot
13. Love of My Life
14. Floss My Shit  (feat. Slay Sean, Paul Wall)
15. They Watching
16. Murder Me
17. Jail Skit
18. Jail Letters
19. Remember Me/Head Off Your Shoulders (Feat. Sole)


320 kbps – Datafile

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