D-Shot – Callin All Shots (CD) (2006) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.02.2017


01. International Shot Calla
02. 1000 Tears (Feat. Doon Coon, Turf Talk, J.Minix)
03. Run Are Block (Feat. Woodstock, Cheapskate, Jada Tish)
04. Puse First (Feat. A2Thak, Preston)
05. Work That Flo (Feat. A2Thak, J-Rock, Ms.Lovely)
06. Im Ya Dude (Feat. Suga-T, Momo)
07. Gd Up (Feat. Kurupt Y.A. J.Minix)
08. Cross Up (Feat. A2Thak, Ya boy)
09. Put A Nigga In Tha Trunk (Feat. Mugzi, Al Capone)
10. Get That Monkey Wet (Feat. A2Thak)
11. Mob In Tha Club (Feat. Pheonom, Levitti)
12. How I Feel (Feat. Work, A2Thak, Freeze)
13. The 707 (Feat. E-40)
14. My Life


320 kbps – Florenfile

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