Depth Charge – Lust (1999) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 05.10.2016
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Five years on from Nine Deadly Venoms, Depth Charge returned with an album chock-full of the same uptempo, breakbeat hip-hop he’d pioneered almost a decade before (with plenty of similar kung-fu samples to boot). J. Saul Kane’s fusion of hip-hop, techno, and electro was so innovative in the early ’90s that it was still popular in dance circles years later, but except for a few intriguing downtempo tracks, it’s difficult to hear much on Lust that wasn’t done years ago on other Depth Charge material.

1 Hronn’s Intro 1:16
2 Harley Davidson 4:40
3 T.D.A 5:59
4 Streets Of Gold 1:56
5 Blue Lipps 3:51
6 Bounty Killer III 6:08
7 Dreaming Of The Jungle 4:37
8 Sex Sluts N Heaven Featuring – Blowfly 4:20
9 The Snare 2:12
10 21.3.1993 4:52
11 Desire 5:45
12 So You Want To Be A Secret Agent? 5:05
13 Genius Of Sci-Fi 4:29

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