Depth Charge – Lust 2 (1999) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 05.10.2016

 J. Saul Kane made up for several years off the radar with 1999’s LUST and LUST 2, twin helpings from his pioneering Depth Charge alias. Kane’s time in absentia, particularly in the inescapable shadow of Fatboy Slim and Britain’ s “big-beat” invasion, belied his role as a great unifier. Had it not been for Kane’s Depth Charge productions of the late-’80s, techno, hip-hop, electro, funk, and dub may never have become bedfellows.
LUST 2 is an even more diverse set than its sister album. Kane opens DC Recordings’ vaults, revisiting the classic kung-fu cut-up “Han Do Jin” (from DC’s debut single) and the film-noir-sampling electro-rhythm ricochet of “I Always Do!” LUST’s salacious Serge Gainsbourg cover “Harley Davidson” resurfaces as a hip-grinding instrumental, but the remainder of LUST 2 comprises exclusive, uniformly sharp new DC cuts. Kane continues to milk the (guilty?) pleasures of Z-grade movie reels for samples and inspiration. The copiously sound-effects-laden LUST 2 pays homage to police potboilers (“7 Hill Poison”), domestic double-indemnity dirty dealings (“Murder by Contract”), Blaxploitation capers (“Death & Diamonds”), and vintage android sex fantasies (“Pretty Pretty,” “Cut My Veins,”).

1 Han Do Jin (Even Heroes Have To Die) 7:36
2 Django 4:45
3 Death And Diamonds (Is The Name Of The Game) 3:49
4 Cut My Veins 4:36
5 Model Des Sexy Weird 1:55
6 7 Hill Poison 3:53
7 Ride 5:54
8 Murder By Contract 4:29
9 I… Always Do! 3:59
10 Pretty Pretty 5:04

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