DL Incognito – Life’s A Collection Of Experiences (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 09.11.2015

Dl Incognito - Life's A Collection Of Experiences
Widely regarded as one of the most refreshing newcomers in recent years, DL Incognito has repeatedly demonstrated that he has the skill and determination to succeed in this hostile business. With the help of his brother, friends and associates, he took his love for hip-hop music and brought it to world.

DL Incognito started out like all artist, struggling to be heard, doing shows, radio freestyles, mix tapes etc. He drew inspiration from groups like, A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, artist like Nas, Jay-Z and KRS-One. He also excelled as a producer and began producing most of his own material. In 2001 he released a 12″ named “The Two Planets Project: Spit Forever” with his DJ Techtwelve; the rest was history. Rarely do you see such prowess from an unknown hip-hop act.

His 2002 debut album “A Sample and a Drum Machine” was just a preview of what’s to come. Having firmly planted both feet in the music industry with 2 full-length albums plus 3 powerful videos and countless 12″ classics; DL Incognito has triumphed with talent and not payola.

After a short hiatus, DL is set to return with his follow-up LP, “Life’s a Collection of Experiences”. Inspired by a series of events in his life, the new album is just another milestone in the vast expanding career of DL Incognito.


01. The Beginning (Feat. Chris Styles)
02. Proof
03. Salad
04. Winds of Change
05. Out of the Box
06. Life’s a Collection of Experiences
07. Verbalerity
08. Incognito Interlude 2.0
09. Fall Back (Feat. Mic Check)
10. ANR
11. Wild Style (feat. Tara Chase and D-Shade)
12. Me & My Dj (Feat. Techtwelve)
13. This Song
14. Brand New (Fresh off the Press)
15. Nothing Else Matters
16. Full Armored
17. Do it Up
18. Hard to Do
19. The Ending (Feat. Chris Styles)


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