Dynametrix – Measure Of Force (1994) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 28.01.2017

Dynametrix- Early UK Hip hop group from West London mainly active from 1990 to 1996 but had been around in various guises since 1984. Original groups members: Ace Shazamme (Shane Ryan)- Vocals/Production/DJ. The Phantom (Best Igbinyemi)-Vocals. 0026(Zahid Anwar)-Vocals. Genius P (Paul Spooner)-Vocals. DJ Knives (Robert White)-DJ. Their central appeal was the intoxicating beats and rhythms designed by Ace Shazamme (Shane ryan), including both 70s funk grooves and samples drawn from television and radio. Most of their work was released whilst signed to the Koldsweat label including their first single “keep da crowd dancing” which sampled the Cliff Nobles & Co classic The Horse. Their most notable work being the album ” A Measure Of Force” released by Kold Sweat Records in 1994.

01. Beginning Of The End
02. The Equator
03. Crack The Mic
04. Abort The Mission
05. Illin
06. Astrocubic
07. Time To Release
08. Mind Snatch
09. Planet K11 V The Hyperfunk Alien
10. Max To Relax
11. Measure Of Force
12. Who Gives A Damn
13. Worms In The Brain
14. I Got The Clout
15. For Real
16. Your Brain Is Hollow
17. Shadow

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1 comment "Dynametrix – Measure Of Force (1994) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  • @Kfinese read:

    Some early british hip hop. Love this album. Favourite tracks for me are a measure of force (title track) and the insane ‘planet k11’. The mc on this 0026 drops one of the maddest verses in british hip hop history.

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