E.L. Me & The Street Products – I’ve Been Down Too Long (Promo CDS) (1992) (320 kbps)

Posted: 20.12.2015

E.L. Me & The Street Products ‎– I've Been Down Too Long

“True story… We were playing 3 on 3 basketball at the studio in Cali. My team was KAM and myself and I forget the third person. It may have Layback and we were beating the shit out of Ice Cube and 2 other cats. Solo (AKA the black dude on Grand Theft Auto) pulls up bumping “I’ve Been Down Too Long”. Everyone is like that shits is bumping. Solo replies, “thats Wood single”. I turn to Cube and say, “you like that shit dont you”. That fool looks at me and say, “we enemies right now” (referring to the basketball game we’re playing). I laugh and we start back playing. A week later I am at “Mad House Records”. Its a local record store thats part of our circle and he cracks open my single to play. He says Wood that shit is knocking, but Cube just did a remix to “Good Day” a few days ago and rushing to release it today. Man thats fucked up.
So no I dont sound like Ice Cube. He had been jacking Kam and I for years. The “W” was ours. It stood for Watts. The term “Ghetto Bird was ours. He got “Dead Homies” from me. The list goes on. That single event hurt my album debut, because that was my single.” – E.L. Me.


1 I’ve Been Down Too Long (Radio Version)
2 I’ve Been Down Too Long (LP Version)
3 I’ve Been Down Too Long (Instrumental)
4 1000 Watts (Radio Version)
5 1000 Watts (LP Version)
6 1000 Watts (Instrumental)


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