Edward Allen – Hits No Skits (CD) (2000) (320 kbps)

Posted: 23.08.2016

Edward Allen - Hits No Skits!

Recorded in 1996-1999. “Since six grade and days of Jose’s, my resume portrays through essays, words seen from inter, sort of likex-rays.” – words from the track “hold’n it down” by Da Rezedents of boogie.
It’s like this, Edward Allen who back in the days went by the name of ally-al is like one of the last Mohicans. This kat started writing rhymes when he was in six grade, and continued to do this for years as a hobby for his peeps he grew up with.

Thanks to Extrez!


01. Continous Hot Shit
02. One Of The Illest
03. Heavy Thoughts
04. What’s Wit Dat Shit!
05. Bless Da Child
06. No Sabotage (97) (Feat. Da Rezedentz Of Boogie)
07. Dime A Dozen
08. Forgotten Ones (Remx)
09. Comical
10. Fuck Wit Cha Head
11. Me Baby , Bust Bust
12. On Da Regular (96) (Feat. Da Rezedentz Of Boogie)
13. Physician On A Mission
14. So On And So On… (Feat. Da Rezedentz Of Boogie)
15. Now What’s Next / Untitled


320 kbps – Florenfile

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