Eerk & Jerk – Dead Broke (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 05.11.2016


Alex Henderson @allmusic: ”Many New York and Philadelphia rappers have been quick to express their disdain for southeastern bass music, which they see as an unintelligent, lowest-common-denominator style of rap. But let them say what they will — bass has been incredibly popular in the 1980s and ’90s (especially in the South), and a lot of it has been undeniably infectious. Recorded in Southern Florida, this CD by the obscure duo Eerk & Jerk isn’t a masterpiece and is far from the definitive bass recording. But it’s a fun, if uneven, party album, and the Florida rappers come up with some catchy grooves on tunes like “Daisy Dukes,” “A Dead Broke Adventure,” and “Homey Don’t Play That.” Eerk & Jerk steer clear of weighty subject matter — their main concerns on this album include dancing, loud parties, and young women in tight-fitting cut-off shorts. Some of the material is really too slow to be considered bass, but for the most part, it’s clear that Dead Broke is a product of the Florida rap scene of the early ’90s.”

1 Eerk & Jerk 4:12
2 Overtown Hop 4:10
3 Daisy Dukes… A Dead Broke Adventure 3:16
4 I Like Your Style Featuring – Li’l Ms. Moods 4:10
5 Pump Up The Party 4:14
6 Sweet Girl 5:19
7 Homey Don’t Play That 3:12
8 Dookee 3:21
9 Just Buggin’ 6:04
10 Hip Hop Swing 3:50
11 Can You Hear It Comin’ 3:58
12 Eerk & Jerk (Alone In The House Mix) 4:52

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