Fleapit ‎- Music From The Ditch (2002) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 17.09.2015

Smiffy@ukhh.com: ”This is the first long player to be released on South Wales based S.F.D.B Records – after establishing themselves with a set of well recieved singles this 12 track LP is set to push Fleapit into the national spotlight. Fleapit consist of the multi faceted Junior Disprol on the mic, Secondson dealing out the beats, and Uppacut sortin the cuts.

From the outset its apparent that this isnt your usual straight hiphop fare – its the sound of a crew pushing the envelope and trying to challenge the listener. But trust this aint no straight square edged challenge – these geezers wanna break down your screwface with some proper comedy style. This trio have definitely broken moulds during the making of this record – from the lyrical approach to the genre bending croppin of the breaks – this makes a proper refreshing listen. Its not often you listen to something in hiphop and think that its truly fresh and actually 100% original. In that respect this LP was a big suprise for my cynical ears.

Throughout ‘Music From The Ditch’ every track introduces a different element which keeps the head awake n’ the neck bopping – I was particular impressed with the layered musical beat used on ‘Fleastyle’ which alongside the ye olde Morris dancer style middle eight on ‘Anomalous Assault’ definitely set the tone for the rest of the record. Funny as fuck whilst still being effective in all the hiphop basics – just listen to the intro on ‘Greyskull Takeover Bid’ and all you bling bling twats go check yourself. ‘Cuntish Behaviour’ features Doyen D and hits the spot – being funny and socially aware in one flow. I was quite suprised that I never got bored with the flows cos normally one MC can get boring across a 12 track record – Disprol deserves propers for maintaining freshness and quality throughout. The LP carries itself well with the beats switching less experimental towards the middle – this is exemplified during ‘Event Horizon’ which lashes along with gusto, closely followed by the moody ‘Classically Evil’ and the lumpy bass splattered beat on ‘Antiques Rogue Show’.

Overall, Secondson flips some listenable beatmaking and drops his different styles with panache – the quality beats work as a foundation for Junior Disprol’s multiple personality flows. The good use of themed tracks are a key reason why this record can be listened to completion in one sitting. The clever lyrics give the record a lot of layers with some nice subtle references that allow this LP to hit hard for repeated listens. A quality record through and through – no fillers. ”

1 Fleastyle
2 Anomalous Assault
3 Live From The Valley Of The Gwangi Featuring – El Eye, Probe Mantis
4 Greyskull Takeover Bid
5 Cuntish Behaviour Featuring – Doyen D
6 Rat Soup
7 Classically Evil
8 Event Horizon Featuring – Defisis
9 Henshin Cyborg Featuring – DFXO
10 Antiques Rogue Show
11 Scraps Featuring – Lil’ Angry Man
12 Beast Street

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