Fun-Da-Mental – Seize The Time (1994) (2xCD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 18.01.2017

Fun-Da-Mental is a British-based multi-ethnic hip-hop–ethno-techno–world fusion music group formed in 1991. The group is notable for its energetic fusion of Eastern and Western musical forms, for its outspoken political stance, and for its strong Islamic affiliation and advocacy. Fun-Da-Mental’s political stance has led to the group earning the label “the Asian Public Enemy”. The group’s work has led to international attention and collaborations with artists from Pakistan, South Africa and Siberia.

1-1 Dog Tribe 5:27
1-2 Seize The Time 6:03
1-3 Mera Mazab 6:58
1-4 President Propaganda 5:59
1-5 No More Fear 5:15
1-6 Dollars Or Sense 6:14
1-7 Mother India 5:50

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2-1 Mr. Bubbleman 6:54
2-2 English Breakfast 4:59
2-3 Bullet Solution? 5:56
2-4 Fartherland 5:58
2-5 New World Order 4:48
2-6 White Gold Burger 4:24
2-7 Back To Basix 9:14

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