Hefty Fat Boys Posse – Mack Daddy (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 15.10.2016


The Fat Boys were past their prime both creatively and commercially when Mack Daddy was recorded in 1991. Down to a duo consisting of Kool Rockski and Buff Daddy, the group significantly changes its style to appeal to early-’90s hip-hop tastes. The result is an album that isn’t in a class with 1984’s The Fat Boys or 1985’s The Fat Boys Are Back, but isn’t anything to be ashamed of either. Gone are the comic elements that had characterized them in the past, and none of the material is very pop-influenced. Numbers like “Fly Car,” “You’re Da Man,” and “Mack Daddy” sound the work of a group that had been listening to a lot of Public Enemy (along with some Ice Cube), although none of the lyrics are sociopolitical. And the influence of new jack swing is hard to miss on “Tonight” and “Whip It on Me.” But as likable as the CD is, this new version of The Fat Boys failed to take off commercially. / Alex Henderson @ Allmusic/

1 Gettin’ Hefty 4:06
2 Mack Daddy 3:17
3 Fly Car 3:09
4 Da Bump 3:20
5 Whip It On Me 4:04
6 Let’s Make Love 2nite 4:00
7 Tonite 4:00
8 You’re Da Man 2:44
9 Negazaplaya 3:15
10 Crazy 3:46
11 Love You Down 4:33
12 Da — Souce 2:17
13 Sweet Lovin’ Baby 4:08

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