J.Period & Black Thought – The Live Mixtape (JB Edition) (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.05.2015

The Live Mixtape

For the latest installment in their amazing “Live Mixtape” series, J.PERIOD & Black Thought pay tribute to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, with an incredible feat: an entire mixtape, recorded LIVE on stage… in one take! With J.PERIOD on the decks juggling JB breaks and exclusive remixes, Black Thought breathes 35 minutes of nonstop lyrical fire, proving once again why he remains one of the greatest to ever touch a mic.


01. Man’s World [Intro]
02. The Boss [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
03. Blues & Pants [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
04. Big Payback [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
05. Bring It Up_Manifest [Interlude]
06. Papa Don’t Take No Mess [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
07. Blues & Pants [Interlude]
08. Hot Pants Road [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
09. Blow Your Head vs. Soul Pride [Interlude]
10. The Grunt [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
11. Funky Drummer_Cross The Tracks [Interlude]
12. Hot Pant’s (I’m Comin) [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
13. I Know You Got Soul [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
14. Pass The Peas_No Joke [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
15. More Peas [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
16. Escape-Ism vs. Black Thought (Acapella)
17. Give It Up Turn It Loose [J.PERIOD Live Remix]
18. White Doves At My Doorstep (Acapella)
19. Thought At Work [Live]


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