La The Darkman & J-Love – Return Of The Darkman Part 2 (WEB) (2010) (320 kbps)

Posted: 27.01.2017


1 Underestimated Child
2Life of a Drug Dealer
3 No Glitz No Glamour
4 Cold Steel
5 I’m Good
6 Mark of the Beast
7 Vixen’s Sting
8 Slipping in the Game
9 We Stick Together (feat. J-Love & Willie the Kid)
10 Well Respected (feat. Willie the Kid)
11 Necessary Way (feat. Willie the Kid)
12 Must Be Love (feat. Willie the Kid)
13 Ice Cold Guiness
14 Roll With the Mob
15 Watch Out
16 Triple Back
17 Fake Ass Rappers
18 Somebody Might Die (feat. Willie the Kid)
19 America’s Nightmare
20 Serious G
21 Get the Money
22 Black Night
23 Fucking With The Best (feat. Willie the Kid)
24 Dirty Game
25 Jack Boys
26 In
27 Benz or Beamer (feat. Willie the Kid)
28 Check
29 I Been Around (feat. Willie the Kid)
30 Invisible Rules (feat. Willie the Kid)
31 They Keep Talking
32 I’m About the Paper
33 The Streets
34 The World Is Filled (feat. Willie the Kid)
35 Never Be Broke
36 Calico Flow (feat. Willie the Kid)


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