Len – You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush (1999) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 14.10.2016


John Bush@allmusic: “The debut by the Canadian four-piece LEN is a set of old-school tracks indebted to Sugar Hill Records and Afrika Bambaataa as well as more recent indie-rap agitators like the Beastie Boys. While the rapping is a bit stilted, the production is excellent and best heard on the first track, the monster hit “Steal My Sunshine,” a bright slice of indie-pop with an old-school guitar loop and a suitably bumping bassline. For all of the great tracks here, it’s difficult to escape the feeling that You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush is a low-rent version of the Beastie Boys’ 1998 album Hello Nasty — Biz Markie makes a few appearances as he did with the Beasties, and master turntablist Mr. Dibbs takes the role of Mix Master Mike with major contributions to one (very short) track. Still, the album’s few derivative qualities never really get in the way of an enjoyable listen. ”

1 Steal My Sunshine 4:25
2 Cryptik Souls Crew 4:24
3 Man Of The Year 5:07
4 Beautiful Day 2:46
5 The Hard Disk Approach 3:04
6 Hot Rod Monster Jam 4:06
7 Cold Chillin’ 3:26
8 Feelin’ Alright 3:59
9 Cheekybugger 1:44
10 Big Meanie 4:07
11 Junebug 3:59
12 Crazy ‘Cause I Believe (Early Morning Sunshine) 3:00

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