Marxman – 33 Revolutions Per Minute (CD) (1993) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 17.09.2015

Marxman is one of the all-time greatest groups in the international Hip-Hop scene. Their instrumentals pre-figured most of what has since evolved into the downtempo and trip-hop scenes in the UK, and their rhymes are still relevant, 15 years after the albums release. A lot has changed since 1994, but a lot of things haven’t changed at all – England is still holding North Ireland as a hostage colony, capitalism is still destroying the planet, and this music still sounds as good as it did when it was first released. Definately a must-have for all fans of conscious hip hop, wherever you’re from.


01. Theme From Marxman
02. All About Eve
03. Father Like Son
04. Ship Ahoy
05. Do You Crave Mystique
06. Sad Affair
07. Droppin’ Elocution
08. Dark Are The Days
09. Drifting
10. Demented
11. Spot On My Nose
12. Sad Affair (Bodhran Mix)


FLAC –  |  Datafile

320 kbps –   |  Datafile

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  • @hydroozoid read:

    FLAC – FileAL file not foud

  • @JV read:

    Hey Juicy, that Datafile mp3 link isnt for this album, but for The Cynik EP. Can you please fix that? Thank you, JV.

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