MC Duke – Organised Rhyme (CD) (1989) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 19.10.2015

Together with his DJ Leader One, this UK MC released ‘The Final Conflict’ in 1990, which left substantial imprints in the relatively virgin soil of UK hip-hop. Raised in east London, MC Duke made his recorded debut on Music Of Life’s compilation, Hard As Hell. Later he would make his home there, releasing two relatively successful solo albums. He picked up Hip Hop Connection magazine’s 1990 award for Best British Recording Artist, and even broke the Top 75 of the UK charts with ‘I’m Riffin’’/‘English Rasta’, before the recession cut in. Despite two solid singles for the Shut Up And Dance label, his fortunes declined. Duke has gone on to produce the 90s compilation series The Royal Family, to showcase new British rap talent. In turn he set up his own label, Bluntly Speaking Vinyl, formed in conjunction with Dan Donnely (Suburban Base Records). The initial releases included a 12-inch by Phat Skillz (essentially MC Duke) and material from a new group, IQ Procedure.

FLAC added!

001. Organised Rhyme
002. Miracles
003. We Go To Work
004. For The Girls
005. Free
006. Gotta Get Your Own
007. Throw Your Hands In The Air
008. Running Man
009. I’m Riffin
010. The Alternative Argument
011. I Don’t Care Anymore (Bonus Track)
012. Jus-Dis (Bonus Track)

Ripped by Janka-man!

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