MC Shan – Down By Law (Special Edition) (2xCD) (1987-2007) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 05.11.2016


”According to legend, MC Shan (b. Shawn Moltke) got his big break in 1983 when the future boss of Cold Chillin’ Records caught Shan trying to steal his car. Although the fact that old-school super-producer Marley Marl was Shan’s cousin probably didn’t hurt either, Shan took advantage of the opportunity to become a member of Marl’s Juice Crew All-Stars. After several singles (including the old-school classic “The Bridge”), his 1987 album debut Down By Law established a b-boy persona over tracks produced by his cousin. The same held for the 1988 follow-up, Born to Be Wild; on 1990’s Play It Again, Shan, he opted for a more mature outlook and a new producer, but it proved to be his final effort. Though he moved into production work, he made a return on “Da Bridge 2001,” from Queensbridge’s Finest, a 2000 LP released by Nas.” – Steve Huey@allmusic

01. Jane Stop This Crazy Thing
02. Project Ho
03. The Bridge
04. Kill That Noise
05. Down By Law
06. Left Me-Lonely
07. Another One To Get Jealous Of
08. MC Space
09. Living In The World Of Hip Hop
10. The Bridge (Bladerunners Dub)
11. Kill That Noise / Down By Law (Live On WERS)
12. Live Routine (Broadcast) (Ft Biz Markie)
13. Marley Marl Scratch (Demo#1)
14. Marley Marl Scratch (Demo#2)
15. The Bridge (Acapella)

Download CD1:
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01. Marley Marl Scratch (Original 12″ Version)
02. He Cuts So Fresh (Original 12″ Vocal Version)
03. Jane Stop This Crazy Thing (Original 12″ Vocal Version)
04. Cocaine (Original 12″ Version)
05. Cocaine (Original 12″ Live Version)
06. The Bridge (Original 12″ Version)
07. Beat Biter (Original 12″ Extended Version)
08. Beat Biter (Original 12″ Radio Mix)
09. Left Me-Lonely (Original 12″ Remix)
10. Marley Marl Scratch (Original 12″ Dub)
11. He Cuts So Fresh (Original 12″ Instrumental)
12. Jane Stop This Crazy Thing (Original 12″ Dub)
13. Dub Biter
14. Dub By Law

Download CD2:

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MP3 320
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