Mudkids – Higher (CD) (2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 13.10.2015

Mudkids - Higher

Once again the Mudkids have broken new ground and set the bar even “Higher” in space race for Hip Hop immortality. cHoc and Elp-Mass have given birth to their most innovative and diverse album to date. It has all the power and energy of “4Track Mind” and “Upward”, but in this third outing – the Mudkids give us a much more polished and tightly produced product with a few tracks aimed directly at the radio, and others that let you know that this in decidedly not a watered down, commercial version of the Mudkids, but, an evolution of the band and the hip hop movement in general.

cHoc’s lyrical stylings are stonger than ever and cover a very broad range of delivery. DJ Elp-Mass has, once again, dug even deeper (possibly under) the crates to find the most odd and obscure samples and gooves that, when mixed, with the beat tracks, somehow develop into a euphoric, intoxicating, nirvana that appeals not only to the true heads, but the masses, as well. It’s pure ear candy.

To top it all off, this album, like their others, once again focuses on the craft of hip hop… not the violence and negativity that plague so many of today’s artists. It’s about the music — beats and rhymes! It’s also about the struggle of two guys in the Heartland that have added a new twist to this thing we call hip hop and are now getting the proper recognition and distribution to bring their sound to the world.

If you love hip hop, jazz, reggae, dub or any form of modern rock, you will not be disappointed with “Higher”. It is a “must have” album.


01. The Return
02. Feel That
03. Cerebral Fluid
04. No Hate
05. Pulp Diction
06. B+
07. Ghost Before You Know It
08. 32/”Until”
09. Pressure
10. Climb
11. Downstairs
12. Catalogue
13. More


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