PMD – It’s The Pee ’97 EP (1997) (320 kbps)

Posted: 12.01.2013
The 6-Track Version:
01 It’s The Pee ’97 (feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep)
02 It’s The Pee ’97 (Instrumental)
03 Many Often Wonder
04 Knick Knack Part 2 (Street) (feat. Das EFX, L Da Pro & Nocturnal)
05 Kool Kat
06 Many Often Wonder (Instrumental)
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4 comments "PMD – It’s The Pee ’97 EP (1997) (320 kbps)"

  • @Anonymous read:

    I've been looking for a song that my kids would jump and and down acting like they had to go pee because that what the song said. “Have you ever been in line at K-mart and your sons says I gotta go pee pee” can anyone help me find this song or who sang it.

  • @FlipDaScriptKurt read:

    This CD/EP is supposed to have 10 tracks, but the download only has 6!

    • @Juicy read:

      this is another issue!

      • @DJ Hullewud read:

        I was originally wondering the same. The scans/images that are included with the download are for the 10 track version of the EP. I’ve never seen this 6 track version anywhere before. Strange.

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