Poops – Bring On Ya Best: The 90’s Demo EP (Vinyl) (2014) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 31.12.2015

Poops - Bring On Ya Best - The 90's Demo EP

Here we are, unexpectedly back in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I’ve been trying to find Poops for a long ass time. I had hit up Pumpkinhead who recorded an infamous freestyle with him which was played several times on the Stretch &Bobbito WKCR 89.9 show, but he hadn’t heard from dude in years. Every lead i found turned into a big fat NADA. Then a few months ago i hear from Finsta Bundy’s DJ Primetime who asked me if i was interested in releasing some demo joints by a local Bushwick artist called……..Poops. BLEW MY MIND!!! Of course I did – i’d been tryin to make it happens for the longest. So I was put in touch with FBoom who produced all of Poops’ tracks. Even now we have linked i STILL have very little info about the artist. We spoke on the phone briefly, he didn’t have any pictures from the time, any artwork and even much recollection of years and events. So f*ck it, who needs a back story!!! HA. What we have here are 5 unreleased and unheard tracks from 95-97 and 1 unreleased but “heard” track called “The Shit” which was played around 1996 on Stetch & Bob’s WKCR 89.9 show. Props to SwerveOne for the superdope artwork and a massive shout out to Primetime who made this happen – BIG UP!!!


A1. Bring On Ya Best
A2. Destroy Mission
A3. Follow Ya Lead
B1. Da Shit
B2. Once Again
B3. Remember Me


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

5 comments "Poops – Bring On Ya Best: The 90’s Demo EP (Vinyl) (2014) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  • @daggo read:

    I can’t unzip it, it says “File Is Corrupt” 🙁

  • @RW read:

    Only one track appeared in the directory but did not open for me. Do you mind to reload this one?

  • @Bernard read:

    I had a corrupted file as well. A re-load would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Juicy read:

    Sorry guys. Archive was reuploaded. Peace.

  • @Bernard read:

    That works, thanks very much!

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