Rukus – Originality Stands Alone (2007) (2CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 19.06.2016

Rukus is a UK recording artist, DJ, and producer who has been professionally touring and performing both nationally and internationally as a solo artist and with his TRINITY collective.
Rukus’ first release Let It Go was produced by Baby J and achieved nationwide success and critical acclaim without the use of a plugger or financial backing. The single featuring Ty, Klashnekoff and Yogi took the UK Hip-Hop scene by storm and immediately launched Rukus into the airwaves in late 2005.
Rukus released a number of hits in 2006 that featured and had regular airplay on stations such MTV Base, Channel U, and Just Fabulous. He also collaborated with Def 1 for the track Hustle Everyday which received an equal amount of positive reactions.
Along with his commercial success, Rukus has a healthy library of mixtapes and singles dating back a couple of years. Featuring artists such as Wretch 32, Pyrelli, Def 1, Skepta, Suncycle, J2K Richie Rich, Skeme &Taz to name a few.
In 2006 BBC 1Xtra went to Rukus’s hometown of Derby for the launch of his ‘Originality Stands Alone’ mixtape which was hosted by Twin B,
Rukus has also performed in various other events including The UK Takeover, 1Xtra Hip Hop weekend, Deal Real and the 1Xtra Home-grown Weekend.
2007/08 he had the oportunity to go on a UK tour with Mark Ronson after featuring on the Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse Valarie remix which sold over 400,000 copies.
2010 Rukus and his Band The Trinity Band competed and beat thousands of hopefuls to reach the semi finals of Sky 1s National talent competition Must be the music.

1-1 Originality Stands Alone Featuring – Lady Blue, Steady
1-2 Where I Come From Featuring – Dwaine Hayden
1-3 Obidiah Featuring – Dessy G
1-4 What She Said
1-5 Birmingham Featuring – Natty
1-6 Trinty Headquarters Skit Featuring – BFG, Jamie Dred
1-7 Fullapresha Featuring – Inferno
1-8 Find A Way Featuring – Dwaine Hayden, Yogi
1-9 Don’t You Have A Word
1-10 What’s Real? Featuring – Lowkey, Stylah
1-11 Bad Boy Skit
1-12 Waves Featuring – 33 Flames, Niahillissis
1-13 Good Rise Featuring – Big V
1-14 Playinwidfire Featuring – Ty
1-15 Blowdemspeakers Featuring – Boogie
1-16 It’s On Featuring – JC Da Terrorist, Tricks
1-17 Newheruwantit Featuring – Smoke Darg
1-18 Brazil Skit Featuring – Alex Blood, Fallacy, G Camos
1-19 Promises RMX Featuring – J2K, Skepta, Suncycle
1-20 T Fam Featuring – Inferno, SlyMan
1-21 U Know Featuring – MA Starkey
1-22 My Time Featuring – Tuska Rhymestein
1-23 Wait
1-24 School In Featuring – Aziz
1-25 Real Or Fake Featuring – Def One
1-26 Get It Goin
1-27 Ey Guy Featuring – Skeme, Yogi
1-28 Love Skit Featuring – Mandissa
1-29 Married2Da M.I.C.

2-1 Intro
2-2 Let It Greezy Prt 1 Featuring – D.E.Velopment*, Smoke Darg
2-3 Eden Rage Featuring – Mr Tibbs, Yogi
2-4 Dat Mi A Sey Skit Featuring – Twinz Of Twinz
2-5 Saturated Featuring – Precha
2-6 Set Dat Featuring – Royalists
2-7 Tek Dat Skit Featuring – Steady
2-8 Fully Featuring – Richie Rich
2-9 Let It Grezzy Prt 2 Featuring – Tuska Rhymestein, Wariko
2-10 Ladies Corner Skit Featuring – Nesha
2-11 Phonecall Featuring – Joy
2-12 Giveme Ur Love Rmx Featuring – Natty, Taz, Vee
2-13 Crazy Featuring – Karizma , M.B
2-14 Sunshine Featuring – Dwaine Hayden, Kaotic
2-15 Shakedown Featuring – Jimi C
2-16 Had2bdone Featuring – Shade One, Yogi
2-17 Let It Grezzy Prt 3 Featuring – Wretch 32
2-18 Don’t Touch Da Radio Skit 1 Featuring – Steady
2-19 Understand
2-20 Baby J Speaks!!! Skit
2-21 Who So Ever Featuring – Archer General, Carlo, Michela, Skarcha Italo
2-22 DJ Figa Takeover
2-23 Don’t Touch Da Radio 2 Skit Featuring – Steady (6)
2-24 Str8up Featuring – Sarai Jazz
2-25 Bless U Part II Featuring – Pyrelli, Shameless, TB
2-26 Live Like This Featuring – Mandissa
2-27 One
2-28 Break Da Mould Skit

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