Sabac Red – The Ritual (CD) (2008) (320 kbps)

Posted: 23.01.2017


01. The Commitment
02. World Army
03. As Children Cry
04. Open Book Policy
05. Empty-V
06. Death And Destiny (feat. Slaine & Jordan ”Playahnice” Battiste)
07. The Ritual
08. Viva Boricua (feat. La Bruja)
09. Americas A Business (feat. Revolution Of The Mind)
10. The Life I Live
11. Reality Tell-A-Vision (feat. Cenophia Mitchell)
12. When The Lights Go Out (feat. Ill Bill)
13. Breaking Through
14. Darkness Deepens (feat. Ill Bill & Slaine)
15. Shift Of The Earth


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