Scientists Of Sound – 1.4.4. Or Bust (The Replenishing) (1996) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 28.01.2017

01 Intro: 7,777 Years Ago
02 What’s The Reh Reh?
03 The End Of The Age
04 P.O. Tally Ho!
05 The Trial Of SCI-4 (Interlude)
06 Souls Of Rula Pent-A
07 Escape From Rula Pent-A (Interlude)
08 Stormtroopers
09 Battle Styles Galactice
10 Sub-Frequency Transmission (Interlude)
11 Landmine Situation
12 Adverse Forces
13 The Jokes On You… (Interlude)
14 What’s The Reh Reh (The Sequel)
15 Bourneville Essence (Interlude)
16 Bourneville Peacocks feat. Stacey Phipps
17 Live! From The Biosphere Of Cydonia (Interlude)
18 Regus: Lexical Affray feat. Juggernut
19 Opening Degree (Interlude)
20 19th Degree
21 Emergency: 144 Megaherz (Interlude)
22 Remain On Da Calm
23 144 Megaherz: Final Transmission

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