Posted: 04.12.2015

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As you have seen for last few days, our C-Box got flooded by Namaximum (he doesn’t hesitate to call himself a DJ) from Donbass. This funny guy tried to drop some aspersion on us that our  site contains “fake rips”. All our rips are from CDs, Vinyls and Digital Stores (Bandcamp, etc.). The thing is, that quality of Bandcamp WEB releases might sometimes be lower than from CDs.

Only one who posts fake flacs is DJ Namaximum on his blog. He takes all our flacs, then burns to CD-RW and rips them, spreading them away as his. This joker even rerips WEB releases from his CD-RW’s to be able to add .cue and .log files. He doesn’t have the best reputation among Russian speaking population and many doesn’t take him serious no more. For example, he managed to drop last Method Man’s album as CD version few weeks before it released officially through PHYSICAL CDs by Tommy Boy records.

He even admitted doing this several times at his cbox but now he denies these actions because he finally understood how stupid all this reconverting looks.

Here is screen of Namaximum’s PC folder, which made by himself:

1 – His comment:


2 – Screenshot:


3 – Google Translate


You can see whole folder with flacs that he records on CD-RW.

Here is the example, one of that reripped Digital (WEB) releases by him:

1 – Post:


2 – Folder:

jean grae

3 – Log:


For those who don’t know, “Gotham Down, Cycle II, Levitation” is Digital only release. It was not released on CD.

Anyway, his disrespectful manner and way of thinking had led us to write this topic. Is it OK of accusing us of making fake FLACs if your own site has been reposting our posts left and right? I don’t think so. Then that means you are not only approving our site but you also do not hesitate to repost our ‘’so called fake ups”.

Let’s move to another point – GUYS manners and schizophrenia issues. Last winter I (Janka-man) found out that guy has been reposting my rips. Let’s say that for every 500 rips I posted, this guy took 495 and reposted… Without any courtesy and thanks. Have you ever tried to rip a CD through EAC and then make all scans for it? I can say that one CD often takes about 1 hour and then you have to scan each page of the booklet. Our mr. DJ has definitely ripped through EAC the same amount as I have done, because ripping CD-RWs also takes time, but he has never scanned artworks.

When I asked him to say thanks at least, he responded in Russian “Hey, you uploaded your rips for free, then sit in your corner and remain calm.” After this he started deleting my messages at his cbox. In few weeks I made some progress and he agreed to say thanks, but not to the 320s he posts, because “he converts them from FLAC himself”, so that, in his opinion, makes my rip as his.

After thanking around 20 of my rips he stopped even writing this one tiny sentence “Thankx to Janka-man” at his posts and kept posting my rips. When I asked him what’s the problem, he said that he doesn’t have to do anything with blog, now posts are being made by another guy and deleted my messages from his cbox. This “another guy’s” name is SuperAdmin. He acts the same way, posts the same way and even writes the same shitty English as Nafuckimum does… Another guy? Naah It’s just another guy going down with schizophrenia just because not to say “Thanks” for the stuff he takes.

I was thinking why is it so hard for one man to write few words on each post he steals? I am still thinking about that. Maybe this guy had got hard childhood and problems that come with it… Also those problems get supplemented by his contemporary status. Living in Donbass and being a part of pro-Russian Donetsk Separatist Republic and supporting these guys to spill some blood on Ukrainians and to rebel. At least how his Russian facebook-style page tells us.

Namaximum Idiotic

That’s never easy. Maybe we are judging this guy too hard. He just thinks differently. With such an abuse and violence around him it’s always too hard to greet somebody or to say kind words and even thank somebody. So my advice should be to ignore this guy.

  • He likes to repost
  • He loves CD-RW’s and fucking your minds
  • He prefers not to be polite
  • Now he says that we are posting fake rips just to reduce our reputation

This cat should deserve his own movie, right? How to be chillin’ like a villain and not to give a fuck about how much time others spend. He’s just like: “aw this looks nice, but fuck you guys, its mine now”.

Thanks if you found time to read all this. We will keep posting hip-hop as usual. The more we do, the more haters will appear. Stay true! And don’t forget to go out to do some cratediggin’ after you have listened to virtual crates available on here!


Respectfully, Kru


  • @Gun read: is legit. Here is an example showing legit rip, converted to MP3, then finally showing what a “fake FLAC” looks like (aka what this DJ NAMAXIMUM dude makes)

  • @2psah read:

    This is just one of the reasons i don’t upload there no more..

  • @Rodney read:

    Was all of this really necessary? Guys come on, you’re still seen as pirates, Flac or not. We appreciate your work, we really do but this is child’s stuff. Who cares who ripped what? At the end of the day, the C.D.’s are copyrighted material. Just remember that. Post for the love of it not for the “rep” I applaud people like you because because unlike today’s mainstream, you guys recognize that there is still an audience for this era of music. Good day.

  • @ill read:

    @Rodney baby you are too funny..or you just missed the point of the whole entry by Janka-Man.. This guy (namaximum) is creating fake FLAC files while accusing others of doing so.. It is not “child stuff” to try to set things right. Some of us are trying to get the real FLAC quality and not bother with fake FLAC someone uploads and call it a CDrip. So therefore I am glad I got informed by this post, I was suspicious for quite a while. I would also like to say that mainstream never really recognized real hiphop. And since good hiphop is still being produced to this day, we cant be talking about “this era of music” either..its not a rock’n’roll dude… see ya!

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