Subsonic 2 – Include Me Out (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 01.11.2016


Alex Ogg@allmusic: ”There are at least three great cuts on this dexterous example of early-’90s U.K. hip-hop. Two of them, “Addicted to Music” (recommended for vinyl obsessives everywhere) and “Unsung Heroes of Hip Hop,” both appeared as singles. The latter won some notoriety for its tribute to James Brown’s funky drummer (the person rather than the song). The other track of note is the sublime “Dedicated to the City,” a shout-out for urban living which celebrates, among other things, concrete and stationary cars: “Things occur at a funkier pace/And I ain’t moving out till they bomb the place.” Sadly, this is a far inferior version to the one which appeared on the B-side to “Addicted to Music.” MC Steel’s raps throughout are intelligent and sharp-witted, and although the duo were dropped shortly afterwards due to poor sales, Include Me Out is still a high-water mark for ’90s Brit rap.”

1 Playing Instructions 1:10
2 Culture Clash 3:34
3 Addicted To Music 3:26
4 How It Started #A 0:36
5 We Go Subsonic 3:50
6 Unsung Heroes Of Hip Hop 3:41
7 DJ Cassroc Don’t Care 0:16
8 Include Me Out 4:07
9 Don’t Mess With My Mind 4:05
10 White Lies 4:48
11 Planet Of The Breaks 1:12
12 Dedicated To The City 4:25
13 I Think My DJ Wants To Rap 4:06
14 How It Started #B 0:46
15 Tower Of Babel 4:38
16 Brass Construction 4:18
17 Let’s Get This Party Started 4:00
18 Audition 0:51
19 Regardless 4:00
20 Work That Sucker! 4:10
21 Addicted To Music (Original) 4:30
22 Unsung Heroes Of Hip Hop (Original) 5:03

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