TAZ – Analyse This (2004) (CD + DVD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 01.01.2016

Gareth Jones@amazon: ”The album starts off with Only God Can Judge Me which is a heavy beat and Taz rides it well, the next song Fast Talk feat Skorpian is one of my favourites Taz’s flow mixed with the Jamaican ragga style of Skorpian over a hot beat makes this track on that needs reloads. Wish me luck is also a good tune and then comes Cowboy Film feat Kardinal which i used to like but it got overplayed on ‘U’ and Audley Harrison was in the video so im no longer loving it to such an extent. The album veres off course a little at this point and the next few songs are not really note worthy. Cant Contain me, the first single off the album is a definate banger with good lyrics and an interesting and effective beat.

Imagine This feat Terri Walker is a reflective look at life and is one of my favourite songs, its emmotional and will appeal to the ladies. The last song Just Walk feat Marga Man is strange at first but the lyrics are funny and you cant help but like it after a few plays. My favourite song is Change the Game and in it Taz shoots off a few comments probably aimed at the likes of Iceberg Slim and C Dollar who are British yet rhyme with an American with comments like ‘I sound English, You dont sound english, who’d you think you are blood? this aint Queensbridge’

This is a really good album bar a few mishaps in the middle and if the Cowboy Film remix, Cowboys and Indians featuring amongst others a hilarious verse from Sway Desafi had made it on perhaps as a bonus it would have been even better, but i have a feeling that this was recording after the album was released.”

Audio CD

CD-1 Only God Can Judge Me
CD-2 Fast Talk Featuring – Skorpian
CD-3 Wish Me Luck
CD-4 Cowboy Film Featuring – Kardinal Offishall
CD-5 Flow Pro
CD-6 Left Leg In
CD-7 Can’t Contain Me
CD-8 Only If You Try
CD-9 Lonely Featuring – Smujji
CD-10 If I Die Tomorrow Featuring – Cerose, Rickman
CD-11 Imagine This Featuring – Terri Walker
CD-12 Live And Learn
CD-13 Change The Game Featuring – Cerose
CD-14 Just Walk Featuring, Producer – Marga Man

FLAC / MP3 320


DVD-1 Can’t Contain Me – Video
DVD-2 Tales From Da Manor – Interview

DVD link

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