The Alchemist – Israeli Salad (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

Posted: 26.05.2015

Alchemist - Israeli Salad

Originally a batch of beats conceived in 2011 after the Alchemist returned home from a trip to Israel with a bag of records he gathered from numerous small stores and outdoor flea markets, Israeli Salad was initially set to be released as an instrumental project immediately but as beats from it were used on various projects and albums, the end result wound up sitting in a folder unfinished as a work in progress.

Last year, inspired by another trip to Israel, the Alchemist decided it was finally time for the project to see the light of day, hooking up with Unga of Haifa’s Broken Fingaz crew for the cover art.


01. Arrival
02. Bone Thugs N’ Haifa
03. Collage, Pt. 1: Sunrise
04. Collage, Pt. 2: Popeye the Pimp
05. Collage, Pt. 3: Rush Hour
06. Collage, Pt. 4: Sunset
07. Chetzi
08. The Type
09. Turn This Sh*t Up, Pt. 1
10. Turn This Sh*t Up, Pt. 2
11. Za’atar Smoke
12. Shalom Alechem
13. Matzik
14. Yala Yala
15. Meduza
16. Listen to Yitzhak
17. Bold
18. Tunnel Rat
19. Yehudi El Yehudi
20. Departure


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